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Our Inventory

As a new growing family run business Dinkys are here to stay, We are slowly investing into new directions in the party planning business and have already started talks with manufacturers and other companies for the creation of new products that are missing in  our local market.

This area is were you will see are upcoming new ideas  for seasonal and permanent party hire 



Product Manufacturers

At Dinkys we aim to stay with the same manufacturers that we know and have tried and tested although some products we have to get elsewhere. This is where our product testing and experience comes into play, We will ensure all safety measures are adhered too and in place and all insurance and certifications are up to date  

Safety First 

At Dinkys we take safety as are number 1 priority and have now worked with our manufacturers to help increase the safety of all our inflables this includes :

rain shields sewn into walls and front and back visors (this will stop the children from climbing up on the walls and falling)

escape routes in the rain shields of larger inflatables  (incase of power failure)

Electrical Equipment

Did you know that most injuries on inflatables are caused by children wanting to inflate and deflate the inflatable and climb on the roofs? We at Dinkys have taken this matter seriously and adjusted all our electric connections to these blue adaptions to make the disconnection more difficult for children so the only plug will be the one that is in site in your home. We also insure regular PAT testing of all  all electrical  equipment

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